Important Announcement

The Bar Council is organizing a march on 26th September 2007 at 11 a.m. at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya in connection with the allegations arising from the above video.

The march will be made to the Prime Minister’s Office where a memorandum will be given to the Cabinet to call for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate the recent video purportedly involving the fixing of appointment of judges.

Transport will be provided to fetch members from the Malacca Bar Committtee’s office to Putrajaya. Members of the Malacca Bar who are interested to participate in the march are to contact Mr Lawrence Ang of the Bar Committee and register accordingly. The group shall leave at 9 a.m. from the Malacca Bar Committee’s office.

UPDATED @ 24.09.2007 : A draft transcript of the purported conversation from the alleged video is as follows:

“The CJ said he is relative to now Agong, so he wants to stay on to 68. So, Tengku Adnan, I told Tengku Adnan, yesterday I had a meeting with him.

He said PM is already very angry with him and he said no problem. He said he is going to make you acting err … confirm your position as PCA, working very hard and then get Tan Sri Mokhtar as CJM.

Ah, so we just keep it confidential. I am working very hard on it. Then there is a letter, according to Tengku, I am going to see him tomorrow, there is a letter sent to er … CJ, I mean Tan Sri Dzaiddin, that Datuk Heliliah, Datuk Ramli, Datuk Ramli and Datuk Ma’roop be made judges, and he rejected that Dr Andrew Chui and apa itu Zainuddin Ismail lah. Because Zainuddin Ismail who condemned your appointment and Tan Sri Mokhtar’s appointment.

And then he also, it seems wrote a letter that the remaining five be confirmed as judges. As per our memo I’ve discussed with Tun Eusoff Chin and we sent the same memo to PM.

I just want to get a copy letter just to confirm that this has been done.

And then Tan Sri Dzaiddin said he is going to recommend six people for the Court of Appeal, but until today the letter hasn’t come to PM. He never discussed but neither he has sent the letter to PM. He has not sent. So, I know you know under the constitution for judges all its for your job Datuk to send, but we don’t want to make it an issue now. [Inaudible]

Ah. So, okay, actually I told Tengku Adnan to inform PM, PM to call you for a meeting. But I will organize this so that Tengku Adnan will call you directly. And then I got your number, I will tell him to call you directly to for you to meet PM lah. So should be ok. Ar then ar… correct correct correct, because it is very important that team players must be there.

Correct, correct, correct. Ah. Correct, correct. You know the same problem that Tun Eusoff Chin had. He tried to do all this and yet he has run out of soldiers. He couldn’t do it because many were on the other camp. But last time it was unfortunate because Tun Daim was doing everything sabotaging, otherwise how are things with you, Datuk – everything is ok? No, don’t worry. You know sometimes Tan Sri Vincent say half the time we are talking about judiciary rather than doing the work. But if I don’t do this part, my work will be useless.

Ha ha ha. Ah yes.Correct, correct, correct, correct, right, right, right, correct. Ah right susah. You see he has now asked for six Court of Appeal judges, so that he can put his men before he retires.

Correct, correct, correct, ah and then ah, correct. But never-mind, I will do this, I will get Tengku Adnan to arrange for PM to call you and Tan Sri Vincent Tan for PM to call you. You know actually I am very grateful Tan Sri Vincent Tan, you know why, I brainwash him so much I even quarrel with him. One day I went to Vincent Tan house, I fired him at night in the house. I said bloody hell if you don’t do this who will do it?

All these people Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk Ahmad Fairuz, Tan Sri Zainon all fought for us. Then he called Tengku Adnan. Tengku Adnan he said, saya bukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia lah, you know. If the old man doesn’t want to listen to me, go to hell.

He quarreled with me. I said nevermind, nevermind, you don’t succeed, you talk to PM again tomorrow morning put Datuk Ahmad Fairuz as CJM. So next day morning he went then he called me back 9.30 he said the PM already agreed. So I said nevermind, we hope for the best. So I said no harm trying, the worst it can happen is you lose. But you know the old man at 76 years old, he gets whispers from everywhere, and then you don’t whisper, he gets taken away by the other side. But, now the PM is very alert because every time he gets a letter from Tan Sri Dzaiddin, he calls Tengku Adnan, he says discuss with Vincent, come and discuss. And …

Yes yes, ya. Correct, correct, ya, but you see although I know PM but my views, I am a lawyer in practice , my views are … I go through them, I go through them lah. Ah ah ah ah.

And then Dzaiddin will go and tell them that you went saw PM, they’ll make a big issue out of it. Oh ya, I think so, I think so.

Ok, fine, fine, fine, fine, ok, ok, ok, ok. Right, ok, ok.

Ah ah, correct, correct. Now I heard Raja Aziz, Raja Aziz huh, spoke to my lawyer Thayalan, and another lawyer Hainan, in the High Court, they had a case with each other. So, Thayalan and Adnan asked Ungku Aziz, how is Tan Sri Wan Adnan?

He seems to be on the way down. But you know what is the shocking thing he said? Datuk Fairuz became CJM. He overruled everybody, and three months time, he is going be PCA, and 6 months time he is going to be CJ. He said I can’t take this shock. He told them.

Ha! So, it seems ah they are going to organize a campaign … they are going to organize a campaign to run you down. But you just keep quiet. Don’t say anything. Don’t ca … Even the press ask, you say I leave it to God, that’s all. Don’t say. I really like your message. You said I work very hard, what can I do? I leave it to God.

That’s the best answer Datuk that you can ever give.

Ah… yah I will also get Tan Sri to remind the PM to put a Tan Sri ship this year lah. This will elevate you, you know. Ah …

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah … Steve Shim got so fast!? You know, Tan Sri Chong waited for 4 years for Tan Sri Ship.

Ah … My god, that’s why. Ah. Correct, correct, correct, correct, ya, ya, ya, ya, right, right, right, correct, correct.

But don’t worry, we will organize this. And if Tan Sri Vincent … If Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku Adnan want to meet you privately, they will org …, I will get them … I will call you. We’ll organize a private arrangement, in a very neutral place.

No don’t worry. Datuk, I know how much you suffer for Tun Eusoff Chin. And Tun said Datuk Ahmad Fairuz 110% loyalty. We want to make sure our friends are there for the sake of PM and for the sake of the country.

Not for our own interest, not for our own interest. We want to make sure the country comes out well. You suffered so much, so much you have done. You know for the election petition, Wee Choo Keong everything how much, nobody would have done all these.

Yes, you know. Good lah. Ok, you don’t worry. I’m constantly working on this.

Ya ya, don’t worry, don’t worry. We work hard on this, Datuk. And then if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku want to see you, I will organize it in such a confidential place.

Ok Datuk, all the very best. God bless you and your family.

Ok. Thank you thank you. Bye.”


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  • jaspal says:

    I’m glad the members of the Malacca Bar are heeding the call of the Bar Council Chairman by organising transportation for the walk for justice at such short notice. I wasn’t in practice during the judicial crisis of 1988, and I definitely want to be able to tell my kids later in life that I was one of the 500 odd strong members (hopefully more) who walked for justice on 26th September 2006.