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The Malacca Bar is a State Bar (an “association” of advocates & solicitors) formed pursuant to the Legal Profession Act, 1976. Every February of each year, members of the Malacca Bar will elect from amongst their persons committee members to serve as Committee Members of the Malacca Bar Committee.

Contact Details

The Malacca Bar Committee can be contacted at the following address or contact numbers/email:

Malacca Bar Committee
9373 Taman Indah, Section 1,
Bukit Sebukor, 75150 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel :06-284 5519 , 06-283 3396
Fax:06-283 0755

Email: mccabar@gmail . com

Our location :
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Waze : http://waze.to/hw22sxhvrp 

Malacca Bar Committee 2016/2017

(not in photo : Goh What Sing)

Desmond Ho Chee Cheong
(Finance / Human Rights / New Building)

Bar Representative
Jason Kay Kit Leon 

Committee Members
Amber Foo Qiao Wei (Secretary, Legal Aid)
Ahmad Soleh Bin Yusof (Young Lawyers & Chambering Pupils)
Andrew Law Ching Hui
(Publication / Information Technology)
Chan Chee Yuan (Sports)
Goh What Sing (PSDC, Continuing Legal Education)
Leong Zhi Hong
(Court Liaison)
Nitin Kumar a/l Gordhan (Conveyancing Practice)
Sashi Kumar a/l Kannan (Social, Charity & Welfare)

Malacca Bar Committee 2015/2016
Chairman – Desmond Ho Chee Cheong
Bar Representative – Karen Cheah Yee Lynn (New Building, Library)

Committee Members
Leong Zhi Hong (Publication / IT)
Mohamed Musthafa (PSDC, Continuing Legal Education)
Jason Kay Kit Leon (Human Rights)
Ahmad Soleh Bin Yusof (Secretary, co-Chair Legal Aid)
Chan Chee Yuan (Sports)
Rosfinah Bt Rahmat (Conveyancing Practice/Islamic Financing/Syariah Law)
Benjamin Tay Hanyi (Court Liaison)
Andrew Law Ching Hui (Social, Charity & Welfare)
*Amber Foo Qiao Wei (Young Lawyers & Chambering Pupils)
# Fatima Binti Tahir Ali (co-chair Legal Aid)

*co-opted  #not committee member but as co-chair

Malacca Bar Committee 2014 – 2015
Chairperson – Karen Cheah Yee Lynn
Representative to Bar Council/New Building – Desmond Ho Chee Cheong
Honorary Secretary – Benjamin Tay Hanyi

Committee Members
Andrew Law Ching Hui (Young Lawyers & Chambering Pupils)
* Anthony Chua Yong Giap (Human Rights & Contemporary Issues)
Benjamin Tay Hanyi (Library/IT)
# Fatima Binti Tahir Ali (Legal Aid)
# Fiona Tan Teck Geok (Annual Dinner)
Jason Kay Kit Leon (Court Liaison)
Leong Zhi Hong  (Publication)
Loh Chon Mee (Legal Aid)
Loong Meng Si (PSDC)
Michael Tan Ching Hooi (Sports)
Mohamed Musthafa (Human Rights & Contemporary Issues)
* Siah Li Mei (Co-opted, Conveyancing)

*co-opted # not committee member but as co-chair

Malacca Bar Committee 2013 – 2014
Chairperson/Finance – Ms. Karen Cheah Yee Lynn
Representative to Bar Council/Library – Mr. Desmond Ho Chee Cheong
Secretary – Mr. Benjamin Tay Hanyi
Court Liaison –  Mr. Jason Kay Kit Leon
Human Rights –   Encik Mohamed Musthafa
Islamic Financing –  Ms. Zalina Binti Hasim
Legal Aid –  Cik Fatima Binti Tahir Ali
Professional Practice & Development –  Ms. Loong Meng Si
Social/New Building –  Datuk Kesavan a/l P. Krishnan
Sports –  Encik Mahaiyuddin Bin Musa
Young Lawyers & Chambering Pupils – Mr Leong Zhi Hong
Publication – Mr Tan Yen Siang
Conveyancing Practice – Mr Andrew Law Ching Hui
Criminal Law – Encik Syed Ismail bin Syed Omar


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