Rates For Advertisements on Malacca Bar Website

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  • May 10, 2017
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RM100.00 for Fourteen (14) Days (for law related products or services)

RM300.00 for Fourteen (14) Days (for non-legal related products or services)

(Kindly email us your advertisement with the application form to our email: mccabar@gmail.com)

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Malacca Bar AGM 2021/2022 – Election Results

To All Members Of The Malacca Bar & Pupils In Chambers

Results of the elections at the Malacca Bar AGM 2021/2022, held on Friday, 26 February 2021, are as follows:

Chairman:  Nitin Kumar a/l Gordhan

Committee members:

1.  Amritpal Singh A/L Satvindar Singh

2.  Muhammad Farhan Mirza Bin Azme

3   Chen Vi Vian

4.  Norfazlinda Binti Alimad

5.  Foo Qiao Wei

6.  Andrew Law Ching Hui

7.  Teh Ken Wen Desiree

8.  Radiance Chin Khee Yoong

9.  Chan Chee Yuan

10. Teoh Keat Wee

Representative to the Bar Council:   Jaspal Singh Gill




The Malacca Bar Committee, on behalf of the Bar Council, presented a cheque under the Law Care Fund to the beneficiary of the late Thara Singh Sidhu in a simple private ceremony held on 18th January 2021. Present at the ceremony were his widow, Madam Vasanthakumari and his son Harkrishan Singh.

The Malacca Bar was represented by its Chairman, Mr. Jaspal Singh Gill, Malacca Bar Representative to the Bar Council, Mr. Nitin Kumar Gordhan, and Malacca Bar Secretary, Ms. Radiance Chin.



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  • September 2, 2020
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A tradition which has not been forgotten despite the current pandemic is our annual Bar and Bench meeting. On the 26th of August 2020, the Judicial Officers of the Malacca Courts together with the Malacca Bar Committee held the Bar and Bench Meeting for the year of 2020 at the Malacca Court premises. A number of issues were raised by both sides, and addressed with a comprehensive discussion.  A circular on all issues raised and decisions taken will be issued by the Malacca Bar Committee as soon as possible.


The meeting lasted for 3 hours and the Malacca Bar Committee are in the progress of drafting a circular to inform members of the outcome in due course. The Malacca Bar Committee would like to put on record our gratitude to the Judges and Judicial Officers of the Malacca Courts for enabling the annual Bar and Bench Meeting to be held despite the current pandemic.


Contributed by,
Radiance Chin Khee Yoong
Secretary 2020/2021,
Malacca Bar Committee


Talk on “Resolving Company Law Disputes”

  • By Andrew Law
  • September 1, 2020
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On 19th August 2020, Mr Lee Shih, a leading author and much sought-after speaker on the subject of Company Law, gave a talk at the Malacca Bar Auditorium on the topic of “Resolving Company Law Disputes”. This was the first time the Malacca Bar Committee organized a talk at the auditorium since the Covid-19 pandemic and seating in the auditorium had to be reduced to a maximum of 60 pax in order to comply with the strict standard operating procedure of the RMCO.


The talk was held from 2.00pm – 3.15pm and such was Mr Lee Shih’s fame and expertise that no less than 54 members registered for his talk. As expected, Mr Lee Shih delivered the talk with his usual clarity and eloquence. The topic which consisted of common director and shareholder issues, as well as remedies available to shareholders was an extremely complex subject, yet Mr Lee Shih managed to capture his audience’s attention and made the topic easy to understand.


Despite the short timeframe available for Mr Lee Shih to completely delve into the subject, he took in questions from the floor and even managed to squeeze in time to share practical tips from the many corporate cases he was involved in.


For that, the Malacca Bar wishes to thank Mr Lee Shih for taking time off his busy schedule to deliver this talk on Resolving Company Law Disputes.


Contributed by,
Amber Foo
CPD Subcommittee,
Malacca Bar Committee.



  • By Andrew Law
  • August 19, 2020

In March 2020,  members of the Malacca Bar received news which made many of us a little sad but more proud than ever. His Lordship Datuk Wira Haji Ahmad Nasfy bin Haji Yasin, Judge of the High Court Melaka 1, was to be elevated to become a Judge at the Court of Appeal. During the tenure of His Lordship as our High Court Judge from January 2018 till March 2020, the Malacca Barestablished a close working relationship with His Lordship, while lawyers who appeared before His Lordship found him to be a hardworking, fair minded and dedicated Judge.


As an appreciation to His Lordship, the Malacca Bar Committee was privileged to host a Farewell Hi Tea Buffet for His Lordship Yang Arif Datuk Wira Haji Ahmad Nasfy bin Haji Yasin together with his lovely wife, Datin Hajjah Siti Rufazah Binti Saad on the 10th of August 2020 at the Double Tree by Hilton Melaka.


The event was graced further by the presence of His Lordship Tuan Anslem Charles Fernandis, Judge of the High Court Melaka 1, Her Ladyship Puan Maidzuara Binti Mohamed, Judicial Commissioner of the High Court Melaka 2 as well as Dato’ Haji Mohd Nasir bin Nordin, Director of the Melaka Courts. In spite of the current pandemic and the requirement to observe current protocols, a total of 52 members of the Bar attended the event.


On behalf of all the members of the Malacca Bar, we wish His Lordship Datuk Wira Haji Ahmad Nasfy bin Haji Yasin heartfelt congratulations on his elevation to the Court of Appeal.


(contributed by Radiance Chin, Chairperson, Social, Charity and Welfare Chairperson, Malacca Bar Committee)



  • By Andrew Law
  • August 19, 2020

On the 16th of March 2020, the Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin made an official speech and officially promulgated the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967 to commence on the 18th of March 2020. This was in light of the distressing increase of number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia.


The Malacca Bar Committee, in a joint effort between the Social, Welfare and Charity Sub-Committee and the Young Lawyers and Pupils Committee initiated a Charity Programme to collect funds for families whom had fallen through the cracks of our welfare system and were very hard pressed to put food on the table. The Charity Programme commenced from the 22nd of April 2020 to the 29th of April 2020 and was then further extended to the 12th of May 2020 due to the extension of the MCO.


The members of the Malacca Bar unified for a good cause and collected a generous sum of RM7,560.00. With the donations collected and the assistance of Datuk Kesavan A/L P Krishnan, the National Cancer Society Malaysia and other members of the Malacca Bar, a total of 73 families from the districts of Jasin, Alor Gajah and Melaka Tengah were blessed through this programme.


Each family was provided with a 10kg bag of rice, a tray of eggs, a packet of flour, a packet of sugar, a bottle of 5kg cooking oil, a packet of rice vermicelli, a bottle of soy sauce, two cans of sardine, two cans of baked beans, a can of milk and two packets of biscuits.



On the 15th of May 2020, the outstanding team work by 12 volunteers from our young lawyers had gathered and successfully packed 73 packages under just an hour at our Malacca Bar Office premises. The volunteers were efficient and self-disciplined in making sure that each item was carefully packed with love for the families. Malacca Bar is indeed grateful to these young lawyers and their dedication for the society. The following are the young (and not so young) lawyers who took their time off from their schedule to pack and distribute the food essentials to the families:-

  1. Amira Nazihabt Zainal;
  2. Muhammad Izzad Syafiq Bin Ismail;
  3. Asmaa’ Binti Zamri;
  4. Norfazlinda Binti Alimad;
  5. Muhammad Farhan Mirza Bin Azme;
  6. Syarifuddin Bin Mohd Ismail;
  7. Muhammad Amzar Bin Hasmuddin;
  8. Muhammad Izzuddin Bin AB Malek;
  9. Radiance Chin Khee Yoong;
  10. Jaspal Singh Gill;
  11. Chen Vi Vian;
  12. Andrew Law Ching Hui;
  13. Khaw Thian Keat;
  14. Sim Win Nee;
  15. Chu Shir Ling;
  16. Amanda Seow Mei Wen; and
  17. Teoh Keat Wee.


On the 16th of May 2020, Datuk Kesavan’s team and 17 volunteers from the Malacca Bar gathered at 8.00am at the Malacca Bar Office premises to load the items into the respective cars for distribution. The distribution was carried out from 9.00am to 3.00pm with a total of 7 cars. The work and sweat involved in making this programme a success was indeed a life rewarding experience for each and every one of us involved.




With the balance of donations collected, the Malacca Bar Committee was able to further assist 9 families who were also affected by COVID-19. Among the 9 families were those from the fishermen community as well as families who had recently been laid off due to COVID-19.


On 14th June 2020, members of the Malacca Bar Committee visited Kampung Pantai Puteri to distribute food essentials to the fishermen community. From there, the Committee Members were able to see how greatly affected the families were as they were not allowed to go out to fish and hence causing them to lose their main source of income. The families expressed their deepest gratitude to the members for the assistance during this difficult time of theirs.


Several families have also reached out to the Malacca Bar Committee and expressed their hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led the Committee in making the decision to help them and their families, especially those with little infants in need of milk powder and pampers, as well as those that have been recently laid off due to the pandemic, causing them to feel a tremendous burden on their shoulders to feed their families.


On 4th July 2020, the Committee Members together with volunteers gathered and distributed food items to the families around Melaka Tengah and Alor Gajah areas. It was indeed another fulfilling day for the members as we were able to see the amount of gratitude the families have when they received our help. A little does indeed go a long way for them.



The Malacca Bar Committee acknowledges that this Charity Programme would not have been successful but for the generous contribution from members of the Malacca Bar and other donors who came together and dipped deep into their pockets even though they were also faced with tough times. The Malacca Bar Committee wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the following donors:-

  1. Messrs Othman Hashim& Co
  2. Messrs Koh Kim Leng& Company
  3. Mr Moi Teik Seng
  4. Datuk Wong Nai Chee
  5. Choo Wei Sern, Eric
  6. Messrs Desmond Ho & Associates
  7. Messrs KP Ng & Armadas
  8. Mr Lee Kiat Lee
  9. Mr Kee Tong Kiat
  10. Messrs Sekar Gill & C.Suren
  11. The family of the late Mr. Allen Tan Soon Hock
  12. Cik Nur Zulaikha binti Rohaizat
  13. Mr Chew Sin Yee
  14. Messrs C.Y. Chan & Quake
  15. Cik Zatalia Song binti Jaudzar Song
  16. Ms Serene Ong Suan Huey
  17. Ms Vijaya Kumari A/P Bala Subramaniam
  18. Cik Nadiah Abdul Haleem Shah
  19. Ms Hannah Haw Li Ying
  20. Mr Amritpal Singh A/L Satvindar Singh
  21. Ms Radiance Chin Khee Yoong
  22. Ms Yap Wei Ping, Debbie
  23. Anonymous


Once again, the Malacca Bar Committee thanks everyone involved in making the Charity Programme a successful event. Thank you.


Contributed by Radiance Chin

Chairperson, Social Charity and Welfare Committee


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