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  • April 13, 2010

A Risk Management Roadshow was organized by the Professional Practice & Development Committee and this was held in Melaka on 9th March 2010 (Friday) at Malacca Straits Hotel, 3.30pm.

Ms Wong Li Chin

Ms. Wong Li Chin the Executive Officer from the Professional Indemnity & Insurance department, Malaysian Bar Council took the time and effort to conduct the roadshow here, whereas Mr. Jaspal Singh had graciously chaired the talk.

A goodie bag with free Risk Management Kit was given to each participant. The kit consists of booklets, CD-Rom checklist, Risk management notes and vouchers.


The main objective of the workshop was to explicate what Risk Management entails and how to manage risk on a daily basis. The speaker discussed the importance of being constantly vigilant on risk management, using of the available Practice Tools to assist lawyers in their daily practice and offering practical solutions to reduce risk in the office.

The speaker also took the opportunity to brief the participants on the new terms for the 2010 Professional Indemnity and Insurance despite the constraint of time.


A lively question and answer session ensued between the speaker and the members of the floor. Thereafter, the speaker brought the session to an end at 6.15pm leaving the audience with much to digest upon.

A total of 12 members of the Bar and 12 chambering pupils attended the talk.



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