Poll: What Do You Think of This Website?

The 1st Poll ran from 25.07.2007 – 23.09.2007 seeking member’s views on the present version of this website. Nineteen people voted and the popular choice, with 8 votes, was “It could be better”. Running a close second with 7 votes was “My grandma could do better.”

Your views have been noted and changes are in store for this website. In the interim, a new poll has been put up. So, please feel free to cast your votes.



  • Damian Yeo says:

    Three questions…. How many of the almost 400 lawyers in Malacca (including out station) are registered with this website?

    (ii) If there are less than 10%, how can we help to increase to 20%?

    (iii) Who are the webmasters (or are they suppose to be anonymous), and in the event if member wish to submit articles or anything, who can they refer to?

  • Webmaster says:

    Dear Damian,

    1. Q1 and Q2 – The best option would be to approach members of the Malacca Bar and encourage them to register. If those members don’t wish to register themselves, you may request particulars like their names and emails which you can then utilize for registrations purposes on this site.

    2. Q3 – You can forward any articles to the following email: webmaster@malaccabar.org