Deeparaya Party

Our Muslim members of the Bar just celebrated Hari Raya having “Open Houses” to celebrate the occasion, greeting family,relatives and friends, dressed in their best Baju Raya attire and treating all to a sumptuous spread of Hari Raya dishes and goodies. Our Hindu friends too just celebrated Deepavali the Festival of Lights and much of the same  happened.  Indeed, these festive occasions are times of much joy, gaiety and merriment.


The Chairman of the Malacca Bar,  Ng Kong Peng  in his early invitation to Bar members to attend the Deeparaya Party at the St. Francis Institution remarks,


“Even as we indulge ourselves, may we stop and ponder the blessings we enjoy.  As we do so, we realize that indeed we are fortunate, we have much more than what we need to be content.  As we observe around us, we must be thankful for all that we have in this transitory lifetime.  Even as we count our blessings, we can’t help but acknowledge that things are worse for others and are a lot better for us.  It is in this spirit of introspection and gratitude  that the Malacca Bar Committee has decided to organize a “Deeparaya” Party.”


The “Deeparaya Party” started off at 4:30pm with a magic show that had the children laughing into stitches. The magician with his clown makeup teased and awed the children with magic tricks. Balloons twisted into shapes and forms made a few young boys happy and at one point was even swallowed whole like the sword swallowing trick we frequently see on television. Even the adults present were amazed and captivated into childlike silence and frequent applauses.


About 80 children from homes for the less fortunate, H.H.M. Home for Disabled Children, Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj, Rama Krishna Ashram and Calvary Care Home were then treated to a sumptous spread of  nasi beryani, rending ayam, fried chicken, mutton curry, acar and satay. The Bar members mingled and joined the children as they sat in the school canteen of St. Francis Institution and had their meal.


A number of law students from Multimedia University organized games for the children. They were divided into groups as they played games and some of the Bar members participated along.  Winning teams shouted enthusiastically upon being announced as winners of games and were very pleased with the prizes they received. They learnt very well about sharing the prizes they won. Each child received a goody bag to take home.


The Deeparaya party would not have been successfully but for the generous sponsorship of the sound system from Team Nero Management led by Ace Fong whose team members provided music and assisted to emcee the event. Team Nero Management is contactable at 062811102.


My personal observation of the “Deeparaya Party” is that the future bodes well for Malaysia looking at how these children mingled and played regardless of race, creed or religion. If Malaysia were to ever look for a symbol of hope for the nation, we ought not look further then the treasures that we have in our Malaysian children.





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