Circular No. 47 of 2007 : Meeting with Chief of Police, Malacca

11th September, 2007



On 6th. September, 2007, the Malacca Bar Committee called on Dato’ Mortadza Nazerene as a courtesy visit and the grouses of members of the Malacca Bar in the course of their dealings with the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Malacca. (“RMP”)

General : Delay

One of the principal concerns raised was the issue of delay in general, whether arising generally or specifically – from investigations, charges being made out against accused or in the supply of police reports.

While investigations and/or charge can take some time, members are advised that at least in relation to the supply of police reports there is a benchmark of 3 days for police reports to be supplied.

Nevertheless, in the event that there is any delay in any matter, members are advised to contact the relevant liaison personnel:

1. Commercial Crime ASP Nasbah Haji Jusoh (06-2854 195/012-644 2299)
2. Narcotics ASP Sulaiman (06-285 4392/019-388 9119)
3. Traffic ASP Hayati Sharif (019-7788 977)
4. Crime ASP Hajah Norizah Hassan (012-602 7772)
5. Aide-de-camp Jasmani (016-660 9005)

Location for Payment of Police Reports

One other issue raised was the issue of the appropriate place to make payment for issuance of police reports.

The RMP have clarified that all payments are to be made at Ibu Pejabat Police Daerah Melaka Tengah at the Quayside.

Miscellanous Matters

One other concern expressed by a member was the issue of inquest proceedings that was held without appropriate notification being sent out to the family members of the deceased.

The RMP have acknowledged that they are duty bound to do so and will act in accordance with the same.

Nizam Bashir bin Abdul Kariem Bashir,
Liaison, Charity & Welfare Sub-Committee.


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