Practice Direction No 1 of 2011

Circular No 038/2011
Dated 21 Feb 2011

To all Members of the Malaysian Bar

Practice Direction No 1 of 2011
Period of Claim for Services of Lawyers Appointed by the Court in Death Penalty Cases

The Chief Registrar has informed us that court appointed lawyers who represent the accused in death penalty cases in accordance with Practice Direction No 3 of 2010 must submit their claim for services to the relevant registry of the Federal / Appeal / High Courts within thirty (30) days from the completion date of the trial. The claims should be made by filling up Borang AA.

For cases which are completed in December, the claims are to be submitted to the relevant court registry before or at the latest by 10 January of the new year. There have been cases where lawyers have submitted their claims two (2) to four (4) years after completion of the trial. This creates problems for the court since special approval from the Ministry of Finance is required before payments can be made.

Claims will be rejected if lawyers do not submit their claims within the specified time.

Please find attached Practice Direction No 1 of 2011 and the guidelines to fill up Borang AA.

Thank you.

George Varughese
Bar Council


Practice Direction No 1 of 2011

Borang AA


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