Courtesy Visit to Justice Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Hamid (5 October 2022)

On 5 October 2022, the Malacca Bar Committee paid a courtesy visit to Justice Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Hamid, who recently arrived in Melaka to take the bench in the Melaka High Court 2.

Justice Mohd Radzi was amiable, conversing with the Committee easily over a range of topics, and express His Lordship’s hope that the good relationship between the Bench and the Bar that His Lordship had experienced in Penang would be carried on in Melaka.

The Malacca Bar Committee also extended an invitation to His Lordship to attend the Malacca Bar Annual Dinner on 12 November 2022.

The Malacca Bar Committee is grateful to His Lordship for making time to meet the Committee in the midst of adjusting to a new environment.


During the courtesy visit, the Committee took the opportunity to discuss the following issues: –

(a)      His Lordship will continue to hear all part-heard matters which had previously been heard before YA Puan Maidzuara Mohammad;

(b)      All matters before His Lordship (excluding Case Management and uncontested Hearings) will be heard physically;

(c)      His Lordship is amenable to mediate hearings before him provided all parties are agreeable to the same;

(d)     For criminal matters which have been heard in the lower courts, His Lordship reminded members to exhaust the appeal process first (where appropriate) before applying to the High Court to exercise its revisionary powers to avoid abuse of power; and

(e)      His Lordship will hear civil and criminal cases on an alternate basis each week.  

His Lordship welcomes all members to openly discuss and resolve any issues, and expressed his hope that the Bench and Bar would continue working together to dispense justice.


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