54th Annual General Meeting of the Malacca Bar

The 54th Annual General Meeting of the Malacca Bar was held on 21st February 2020 at 4.00pm at the Malacca Bar Auditorium. A record number of 318 members attended the A.G.M. 

The following members were elected Office-Bearers for the year 2020/2021:

Chairman                    : Mr Jaspal Singh Gill

Committee Members  : 1. Miss Teh Ken Wen Desiree 

                                      2. Mr Amritpal Singh a/l Satvindar Singh 

                                      3. Miss Chen Vi Vian 

                                      4. En Muhammad Farhan Mirza bin Azme 

                                      5. En Aizat Zamir bin Ismail 

                                      6. Datuk Shashi Kumar a/l Kannan 

                                      7. Miss Radiance Chin Khee Yoong 

                                      8. Mr Andrew Law Ching Hui 

                                      9. Mr Chan Chee Yuan

Representative to        : Mr Nitin Kumar Gordhan

Bar Council

The Malacca Bar Committee wishes to thank all members who took the time to attend the A.G.M. 


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