Legal Aid Training (20th May 2022)

The training was organized by the Malacca Bar Committee on 20th May 2022 from 2.30pm – 5.30pm at the Malacca Bar Auditorium, where 30 participants / pupils-in-chambers were present. The training was to enable the pupils to carry out their Legal Aid and Dock Brief duties in court.

The four speakers for the training were:

  • Mr. Chia Cheng Wee
  • Mr. Faiezad Razali
  • Mr. Ng Fun Boon
  • Ms. Loong Meng Si

The trainers shared their experience practising in criminal litigation and conducted a group training, where participants were placed into four groups and given a scenario for the participants to present on.

The training ended at 5.45pm. The Committee hopes that the pupils would now have a better understanding on how to handle criminal matters, specifically how proper mitigation and application for bail are done, and that what they have learned will be put of use to their criminal practice in future.

Senthil Ramu


Legal Aid & YBGK Sub-Committee

Malacca Bar Committee


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