Law Awareness Talk at Stamford College Malacca

A Law Awareness Talk was held jointly by the Legal Aid Sub-Committee of Malacca Bar and Stamford College Malacca on 3.7.2008 in the lecture theatre at Stamford College Malacca.

A team of Malaccan lawyers led by chairman of the Legal Aid Sub-Committee, Mr. Nizam Bashir Bin Abdul Kariem Bashir had taken time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge and experience on various topics concerning laws with about 150 students at the talk.

Besides Mr. Nizam Bashir, the speakers at the talk were Puan Fatima Binti Tahir Ali, Mr. Jason Kay, Ms. Loong Meng Si and Mr. Kiang Jau Sang. The topics that were shared with the students included Immigration Laws and Rights of Foreign Students, Police, Arrest and Lock-up, Road Safety as well as Sexual Abuse, Mental Abuse and Physical Abuse.

Students at young age are always troubled with problems that are interwoven with their young attitude and lack of experience in life. Thus, the speakers also took the opportunity to give their advice to the students on the right attitude and ways in handling those problems.

A session on the founding of Befrienders Malacca and the services provided by it was also conducted by the person in charge of Befrienders Malacca, Mr. Jeffrey Lee.

At the conclusion of the two-hour talk, Mr. K. Narayanasamy, Head of Centre of Stamford College Malacca, thanked all the speakers for their efforts and encouraged the students to be good and law-abiding citizens.


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