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  • July 16, 2007
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posted by Wong Fook Meng

Kindly be informed that the Malacca High Court Judge will be attending a Judges’ Conference from 15th to 20th August 2007 and will be in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to hear part heard matters from 21st to 24th August 2007.

Furthermore, for cases fixed on 14th August 2007, only uncontested matters will be heard. Contested hearings and full trial will be adjourned.

Please be guided accordingly.


Malacca Bar Idol Nite at the Melaka Charity Nite

contributed by Pierre Lim and Desmond Ho

Idol on A RollWhat do the Bee Gees, Willie Nelson, Everly Brothers and a Mandarin rendition of a Chinese nursery rhyme, “Father Is Not Home”, have in common? Why, nothing of course! Except that they were all sung by our very own Bar Idols and members of the Malacca Bar on the first ever Malacca Bar Idol competition in conjunction with the West Coast Charity Night jointly organized by 4 state Young Lawyers Committees.

The fund-raiser, attended by more than 110 people which was organised in Malacca together with the Liason, Charity and Welfare Sub- Committee of the Malacca Bar in aid of the Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia witnessed a Malaccan version of the Popular TV Show American Idol, featuring our very own panel of the famous threesome, Simon Ng Kong Peng, Randy Desmond Ho and Paula Fiona Tan. It was an evening to remember as our Bar Idol hopefuls belted out tune after tune of tone-challenged popular hits much to the delight of the diners. And that’s not all folks. We had a “slave auction” in which a rather sporting member of the Malacca Bar volunteered his “Man-Friday” services for the night to the highest bidder, all in the name of good fun and charity. Our Man-Friday did not only raise funds from the auction but when his Master for the night instructed him to sing, he was paid to stop singing candidly by another Bar member.



Meeting with Hospital Melaka

contributed by Desmond Ho

Hospital Melaka Group PhotoOn 28th May 2007, the Liaison, Charity & Welfare Sub-Committee of the Malacca Bar, headed by Mr. Nizam Bashir organized a meeting between the Bar Committee members and the administrators of Hospital Melaka. The purpose of the visit was to address problems or matters that arose in our fellow member’s dealings with the hospital administration and staff and to seek further cooperation in other areas of concern.

Dr Hj Abu Bakar bin Mohamud, the Pengarah of Hospital Melaka chaired the meeting which began at 2:30pm. The meeting was well attended by his officers from the respective departments. The Bar Committee was represented by Ng Kong Peng (Chairman of the Malacca Bar), Sekar Palaniandy, Jaspal Singh Gill, Fiona Tan, Nizam Bashir and Desmond Ho.



Launch of Malacca Bar Website

posted by Webmaster

The Malacca Bar Committee together with the Publication & Information Technology Committee (collectively “the Committee“) are pleased to officially announce the launch of the Malacca Bar website.

By leveraging on the capabilities of the website, the Committee will be looking forward to serving the needs of the members of the Malacca Bar more effectively and amplify its outreach efforts towards the general populace in Malacca. To that end, the Committee is committed towards improving the capabilities of the website and looks forward to receiving feedback from users of the website.

The Committee also hopes that members of the Malacca Bar will resort to the website as much as possible so that a transition can be made from the traditional means of disseminating information and thereby directly benefit all members through this more efficient as well as less costly means of disseminating information. No major teething problems are expected, but if there is any, please do inform the Malacca Bar Webmaster at

UPDATE @ 9.07.2007 : Kindly take note that the Website presently only permits comments to be left by members of the Malacca Bar (“Members“). However, Members will need to register themselves through:

  • the “Register” link at the top of the webpage; or
  • the “Register” link under Misc at the sidebar (right side of the screen).

Members will then get an email notifying them whether their application to be members have been approved together with  their passwords, if approved.


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