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The Malacca Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils Sub-committee (YLCP) had organized a donation campaign in the month of September 2011 and named 2 homes as the recipients of the funds raised, namely The Happiness Center For The Mentally Disabled Children in Klebang and Sweet Loving Caring Home in Bukit Baru, Malacca. A team of 13 pupils in chambers and also 2 young lawyers from Malacca were in charge of recording videos and taking photographs of these 2 homes. The main reason for taking these videos and photographs is to share with the public in regards to the conditions of these homes and at the same time to provide some information regarding the homes. The team produced 2 videos, one for each home, and each video is unique in their own way of presentation of the said homes.

In conjunction with the National Young Lawyers Committee’s meeting in Malacca, the Malacca YLCP Sub-committee had grasp this opportunity and invited the Honourable Chairman of The National Young Lawyers Committee, Mr Richard Wee to launch the 1st charity video, the video for Happiness Center For the Mentally Disabled Children, on 24th September 2011 at the Malacca Bar meeting room. The video was officially launched by Mr Richard at 4.30pm accompanied by the Chairman of the Malacca YLCP, Mr Mohd Fadil bin Mohd Yusof, and witnessed by the National Young Lawyers sub-committee and also the Malacca YLCP sub-committee. Immediately after the launching of the 1st video, Mr Richard gave a very inspiring speech which contained words of encouragement to the secretariat of the Malacca YLCP which was mainly, to continue and to strive in making the whole campaign a success, to play an active role in changing the perception of the public towards the legal profession, especially young lawyers and pupils in chambers and so forth.

Launching of Charity Documentary by NYLC Chairman, Mr. Richard Wee accompanied by NYLC Committee members

Launching of Charity Documentary by NYLC Chairman, Mr. Richard Wee accompanied by NYLC Committee members

The 2nd video, designated for Sweet Loving Caring Home, was launched by Mr. Desmond Ho, the Representative of Malacca Bar to Malaysian Bar on 3rd October 2011 at the Malacca Bar meeting room at 6.30pm, together with the Chairman of the Malacca YLCP, Mr Mohd Fadil bin Mohd Yusof and was witnessed by the secretariat of the Malacca YLCP sub-committee. After the launch, Mr Desmond had given some valuable advice and opinion with regards to the activities held by the Malacca YLCP and on how to improve and improvise in conducting a project or a campaign in the near future, which was very much appreciated by the Malacca Bar Committee.

Launching of Charity Documentary by Malacca Bar Committee Representative, Mr Desmond Ho accompanied by Malacca YLCP Committee members

Launching of Charity Documentary by Malacca Bar Committee Representative, Mr Desmond Ho accompanied by Malacca YLCP Committee members

Both videos will be uploaded onto the Malaysian Bar website, the Malacca Bar website and also Youtube and the contributions will be presented on 29th October 2011 to both homes. Feel free to watch the two documentaries at Malacca Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils Youtube Channel,

For further inquiries of the donation campaign, please do not hesitate to contact the Malacca Bar at 06- 284 5519 or email .

Reported by :

Philip Lee Abdullah


Qualifying for the Bar: Standards Across the Jurisdictions | Conference on Legal Education in Malaysia (29 and 30 July 2011)

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Circular No 102/2011

Dated 19 May 2011

To all Members of the Malaysian Bar
Qualifying for the Bar: Standards Across the Jurisdictions
Conference on Legal Education in Malaysia
(29 and 30 July 2011)

All across the Commonwealth, the legal profession is being challenged by a globalised world. While the practice of law has leapt over borders and expanded in scope and content, the professional education of law graduates has not kept pace with the increased expectations of the knowledge and skills required of law graduates by the legal profession. Despite a need to revamp the professional legal training, reform has been slow in many countries. Malaysia is of no exception. The professional training of law graduates in Malaysia has reached a cross road with multiple entry routes into the legal profession requiring different standards of entry. Bar Council has, since 1990, proposed a convergence of these routes into a Common Bar Course. There is yet no consensus on how to move ahead with the proposed reforms.

This conference is designed to create a forum to provoke thought and to challenge the status quo. It is meant for those who are interested in charting a new direction in the training of law graduates for legal practice. Experts from other Commonwealth jurisdictions will share their experiences learnt in their countries with their own experiments at reforms and advise us on the way forward. There will be working group discussions of stakeholders to explore the way to train legal professionals, benchmarked against the best systems from other countries.

Jointly organised by Bar Council and Taylor’s University, the details of this conference are as follows:

Venue: Block D, Lecture Theatre 12, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

Date: 29 and 30 July 2011 (Friday and Saturday)

Presently, our confirmed key speakers (topics subject to change) are:

  • YB Professor Dato Dr Hassan Said, Vice Chancellor, Taylor’s University (Welcome Speech);
  • Steven Thiru, Chairperson, Bar Council Ad Hoc Committee on the Common Bar Course (Keynote Address on “Status Report on Qualifying for the Bar in Malaysia: Transcending the Barriers”);
  • Professor Nigel Savage, Chief Executive, College of Law of England and Wales (“UK: Bar Professional Training Course and Inns of Court”);
  • Christopher Roper, Consultant; Secretary, Judicial Conference of Australia (“Australia: The Legal Practice Courses”);
  • Professor (Dr) N R Madhava Menon, Dr S Radhakrishnan Chair on Parliamentary Studies (Rajya Sabha) (“India: Qualifying the All India Bar Examination as a Necessary Condition for Right to Practise the Profession of Law in India: A Critical Look at the All India Bar Examination Rules, 2010”);
  • Dieter Yih, Vice President of the Law Society of Hong Kong (“Hong Kong: The Postgraduate Certificate in Law”); and
  • Professor Bradford W Morse, Dean of Law, Te Piringa Faculty of Law, University of Waikato, New Zealand; Professor of Law, University of Ottawa, Canada (“Bar Professional Courses in New Zealand and Canada).

This conference will be of interest to:

  • Lawyers;
  • Members of judicial and legal services (Attorney General’s Chambers, Institut Latihan Kehakiman dan Perundangan, Legal Profession Qualifying Board, etc);
  • Deans and academics from public and private universities;
  • Pupils in chambers; and
  • Law students.

If you have an interest in the law, or institutions of law, this is the defining conference! This is your opportunity to be part of change, contribute your creative ideas, and to make a difference. To register, kindly complete and return the attached registration form by fax to 03-2032 2043, or by email to by 15 July 2011 (Friday). For further information, please contact Sumitra Penesar by telephone at 03-2026 0864.

Thank you.

Steven Thiru
Ad Hoc Committee on the Common Bar Course

Registration Form



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Friday, 27th May, 2011 | 5.00 p.m. | Selangor Bar Committee Auditorium

Registration Fee: Members of the Bar RM35.00 Pupils in Chambers RM20.00 Non-Members RM50.00


I/We would like to register for the Talk

Name : ______________________________________

Email : ______________________________________

o Member o Pupil o Non-member/Student

(Tick where applicable)

I/We would like to register for the Talk

Name : ______________________________________

Email : ______________________________________

o Member o Pupil o Non-member

(Tick where applicable)

Name of Firm :___________________________________


Address :_____________________________________ ______________________________________


Telephone :_______________

Fax :______________________

Date : ________________

Signature ___________________

Registration must be accompanied with payment to guarantee your place

and is on a first-come first-served basis

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to SELANGOR BAR COMMITTEE

Please complete and forward this form together with the total registration fee to:-

Selangor Bar Committee

No. 41, Jalan Bola Jaring 13/15

Seksyen 13

40100 Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan

5519 9037


· The Organisers reserve the right to make any changes deemed to be in the best interest of the Seminar.

· Registration must be accompanied with payment to guarantee your place.

· Fee paid is non-refundable unless the Seminar is cancelled by the Organisers. If a participant is unable to attend, a replacement is allowed provided the Selangor Bar is notified in writing of the name of the new participant(s) at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the Seminar.

· Registration is strictly on a First-Come, First-Served basis.

· Certificate of attendance will be given to participants.

* This form may be duplicated for additional participants *

Human Rights is sometimes understood as something distant and alien to our everyday lives.  Proponents refer to international norms and conventions with which lawyers, let alone members of the public, are unfamiliar.  Do human rights laws even exist in Malaysia, and to what extent are international conventions of any use in Malaysia?  Why should we even bother?  It does not seem to affect us.

About the Speaker:-

Andrew Khoo is a partner in a small legal practice in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. He currently serves as Chair of the Malaysian Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee (BCHRC).

He has worked together with the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) on various matters such as legal empowerment of the poor as a development issue under the Millennium Development Goals, child rights, and appearing before a SUHAKAM inquiry in relation to the arrest of 5 lawyers at Brickfields Police Station. He has briefed parliamentarians on the DNA Identification bill and the Personal Data Protection bill, and spoken in parliamentary forums on proposed amendments to the University and University Colleges Act 1971 and on the United Nations Universal Periodic Review on Malaysia in 2009. He has also addressed the issue of human rights in Malaysia at the Human Rights Council and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, both in Geneva, at the European Union in Brussels, at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, as well as regionally and locally.

The BCHRC deals with numerous human rights issues including trafficking in persons, refugees, the Internal Security Act and other preventive detention legislation, the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission/Special Complaints Commission/Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission, Malaysia’s membership of the International Criminal Court, Malaysia’s human rights record and Universal Periodic Review Process before the Human Rights Council, religious freedom, freedom of assembly/information/ expression, and the rights of persons with disabilities.

Recently, Andrew appeared on behalf of SUHAKAM in the Court of Appeal as watching brief counsel in a high-profile child custody case, where for the first time SUHAKAM was permitted to make submissions on the issue of the human rights of a child under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.



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Join Relay Melaka

Relay For Life Malaysia is an annual event where people from all around Malaysia would gather to celebrate the strength of cancer survivors, to remember loved ones whom they have lost to this battle, and to create awareness on how to fight back by encouraging early detection and living healthy lifestyles.

Relay For Life is a high-spirited event where everyone in the community can join in the fight against cancer. It is a day filled with fun, comradeship and festivities. A time when people team up to raise public awareness about cancer in the community.

Throughout the duration of the event, individuals, survivors, teams, companies, schools will take turns to walk the track to relay the message of cancer. Non-stop. From dusk till dawn.

How To Be a Part of Relay For Life?

Gather a group of friends, classmates, colleagues, family members, teamates, neighbours or anyone in the community!

For more information about Relay For Life Malaysia – dates, venues, activities and how to participate, please visit :

Please click the link below to view & download the Relay For Life – Melaka registration form.

Relay For Life Malaysia – Melaka (registration form)


MMA Golden Jubilee

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Human Rights Workshop 2010

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