Laws Governing Gated Communities

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  • November 1, 2008
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Mr Andrew Wong Fook Hin, a senior member of the Bar and the Chairman of the Bar Council’s Conveyancing Practice Committee conducted a talk entitled “Laws Governing Gated Communities” for the Malacca Bar on 23rd October 2008 at the Seri Costa HotelThis is a topic of special interest especially to conveyancing lawyers, developers and home owners. With the rising incidence of burglary, robbery and theft, gated communities have become a popular trend in Malaysia. As such, the law has to keep pace with this development and the Parliament has provided a legal framework for gated communites.

Mr Andrew Wong gave an overview of what a Gated Community Scheme (GACOS) was as opposed to a Guarded Community and explained how GACOS operated under the Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2007. He also explained what amounted to common property and the requirements of the Developer to form a Joint Management Body and the Management Corporation to regulate affairs of residents in such a scheme. He finally spoke of the laws relating to the payment of maintenance charges under the Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 and the new Schedule Agreements prescribed under the Housing Development (Control & Licensing Regulations) which was amended on 1st December 2007.

34 members of the Bar, 11 pupils and attachment students, 3 MMU students and 4 members of the public attended the talk which was chaired by Mr Wong Fook Meng. There was a lively question and answer session at the end of the talk. In particular, a British couple who live in a guarded community in Malacca raised a number of interesting issues on gated community. They were most pleased to obtain some guidance and clarification from the speaker.

The Malacca Bar wishes to thank Mr Andrew Wong for delivering a most enlightening talk in an engaging manner.

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Annual Games with Malacca Club

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  • October 16, 2008
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The annual games between Malacca Bar and Malacca Club will be played on Saturday, 8th November, 2008 at the Malacca Club Sports Complex, Tanjong Kling, Melaka starting at 3.30 p.m. with High Tea followed by the games from 4.00 p.m. onwards.  The games to be played and the list of Malacca Bar convenors are as follows:-


               Game                                    Convenor                                                


            Badminton                     Ms Fiona Tan                                        

            Netball                          Ms Kuganeswary Kualasagram                       

            Football                         En. Mahaiyuddin bin Musa                           

            Table-Tennis                  En.Muhammad Fadzil b.Hassan                   

            Darts                             Mr. Sekar Palaniandy                            

            Boatrace                        Mr. Surendran Chelvarajah                     

            Dinner & presentation of challenge trophy


Members and pupils who are able to play in any of the abovementioned games, are kindly requested to contact the respective convenors as soon as possible so that the Malacca Bar would be well represented.


We are also pleased to inform you that there will be no charge for the High Tea and dinner.  However, to facilitate catering arrangements, members and pupils (players and supporters) wishing to attend the dinner are kindly asked to inform Mr. Lawrence Ang of the Malacca Bar office not later than 5th November, 2008.

The attendance of all chambering pupils at the games either as a player or supporter is compulsory.  As for the dinner, it is optional.


Talk: Tax Audit for Lawyers

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  • October 16, 2008
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The Malacca Bar together with the Malaysian Institute of Taxation (Malacca Barnch) will be organising a talk entitled “Tax Audit for Lawyers”, details of which are as follows:-


                        Date      ..          13th November, 2008  (Thursday)

                        Time     ..          4.30 p.m.

                        Venue   ..          Seri Costa Hotel, Taman Melaka Raya

                        Charge  ..          RM20.00 per person


Attendance (FOC) of all chambering pupils is compulsory.


The talk will cover the following areas:-


1.                   Self Assessment ..          Speaker:  Tan Sek Hwee

(a)                Introduction

(b)                Responsibility of tax payers

(c)                Compliance requirement/penalty


2.                   Tax Audit..       Speaker:   Abd. Halim bin Husin

(a)                Introduction

(b)                Responsibility of tax payers

(c)                Compliance requirement

(d)                Penalty – under declaration of income


3.                   Recognition of Income – Legal Firms..   Speaker:      A. V. Varan

                            (Chairman, MIT, Melaka)

(a)                Accrual / cash basis

(b)               Section 24 of the Income Tax Law 1967 on the recognition of income

(c)                Concession given by the Inland Revenue Board via letter dated

21st July, 2008 to the Bar Council


High Tea will be served at 4.00 p.m.  Members of the Bar who are interested in attending the talk are requested to register with Mr. Lawrence Ang of the Malacca Bar Committee on or before 6th November, 2008.



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  • October 16, 2008

The festive spirit of Hari Raya is still in the air.  Many of our Muslim members of the Bar are still having “Open Houses” to celebrate the occasion, greeting family,relatives and friends, dressed in their best Baju Raya attire and treating all to a sumptuous spread of Hari Raya dishes and goodies.  Soon, our Hindu friends will be celebrating Deepavali the Festival of Lights and much of the same  will happen.  Indeed, these festive occasions are times of much joy, gaiety and merriment.


Even as we indulge ourselves, may we stop and ponder the blessings we enjoy.  As we do so, we realize that indeed we are fortunate, we have much more than what we need to be content.  As we observe around us, we must be thankful for all that we have in this transitory lifetime.  Even as we count our blessings, we can’t help but acknowledge that things are worse for others and are a lot better for us.  It is in this spirit of introspection and gratitude  that your Bar Committee has decided to organize a “Deeparaya” Party to be hosted by all of you, members and pupils of the Malacca Bar for 100 children from the various homes in Melaka.  We have invited from the


            Salvation Army     15 children

            Rama Krishna Ashram – 38 children

            H.H.M. Home for Disabled Children – 10 children

            Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Sultan Salahuddin – 37 children

            Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj


This Party will be held on Saturday, 1st November, 2008 at the St. Francis Institution (Secondary), Jalan Parameswara, Melaka from 3.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.


I believe that all of you would respond wholeheartedly in support of this event.  There will be no charge for members of the Bar and pupils to encourage as many of us as possible to attend to host the Party.  Nevertheless, any contributions in the form of monetary donations or gifts for the children (at least 100) is welcomed and appreciated.  I believe that members of the Malacca Bar are caring people and if we really care we will want to share.  Many of us may often give without loving but we can’t love without giving.  Even as we avail ourselves and identify with those who live on and possess little, we will learn the joy of giving and invite God to change our attitude towards our possessions.  We will then be the ones blessed instead.  We will do well  to remember that there is more power in the open hand than in the clenched fist.  I covet your support in order to make this event a success and a blessing to all our guests, the children.


                        “Love is giving for the world’s need

                        Love is sharing as God leads.

                        Love is caring when the world cries.

                        Love is compassion with God like eyes.”


Yours faithfully,

(K.P. NG)



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