Malacca Bar AGM

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  • February 20, 2012
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The Malacca Bar had their AGM on the 17.2.2012 at Straits Hotel.

After 6 years of faithful service as the Chairman for Malacca bar, Mr. Ng Kong Peng gave a farewell speech imploring and encouraging the members to serve the Bar selflessly.

Chairlady                          :           Karen Cheah Yee Lynn

Bar Rep                              :           Desmond Ho Chee Cheong

Committee Members   :

  1. Datuk Kesavan a/l P. Krishnan
  2. Syed Ismail bin Syed Omar
  3. Fatima bt Tahir Ali
  4. Mahaiyuddin Bin Musa
  5. Mohd Fadil Bin Mohd Yusof
  6. Mohamed Musthafa


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