Refreshments after Call to the Bar Ceremony

To all members of the Malacca Bar and Pupils In Chambers,

The Malacca Bar Committee is pleased to inform that the Court has no objection to revive the tradition of having light refreshments served in the Malacca Court Complex in celebration of the Call to the Bar Ceremony (“the Ceremony”).

Pupils are reminded to make their own catering arrangements along the 1st floor corridor between Block A and Block B. Alternatively, Pupils may opt to book the Seminar Rooms or Court Auditorium at the rates specified by the Court.

Pupil Masters are also reminded as a matter of courtesy to invite the presiding High Court Judge, as well as the non-presiding High Court Judge, for refreshments at the Bar Room subject to their availability after the Ceremony. Due to limited capacity, priority should be given to the Pupil Masters, the Pupils and their parents in the Bar Room.

For the rental rates specified by the Court for the booking of the Seminar Rooms or Court Auditorium, please refer to the attachment under Circular No. 51 of 2023.


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