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9th June, 2011

CIRCULAR NO. 19  OF 2011

Dear Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils of the Malacca Bar,

The National Young Lawyers Committee will be organising the 4th Young Lawyers Convention at Everly Resort, Klebang, Melaka, from 1st July to 3rd July 2011.

The entry fee is only RM100 which includes accommodation (quad sharing) and meals. As the venue of this event is in Malacca, we highly encourage you to sign up as past Conventions have seen consequential and impactful changes concerning the legal practice of young lawyers (i.e. The repeal of part of s 46A).

Create long lasting networks, be inspired and be part of a movement gearing towards a better Bar.

Please register for this convention by contacting Mr.Kennies Cheong at 06 – 284 5519/06 284 3396 (mccabar@gmail.com), Desmond Ho at 0123357546 (deslex@hotmail.com) or me at 016-3588245 (fadily2000@yahoo.com).

We look forward to seeing you at the Convention.

Yours faithfully,

Mohd Fadil Bin Mohd Yusof


Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils Sub Committee

Malacca Bar


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