Talk: Cross-Examination in Criminal Litigation (30 June 2022)

On 30 June 2022, 30-odd participants attend a talk on Cross-Examination in Criminal Litigation – The Do’s and Don’ts at the Malacca Bar’s premises by Mr. K. Theivaendran.

After giving a brief run-down on the different stages of trial, Mr. Theivaendran shared extensively on the preparation preceding trial, pausing to remind participants that the key to an effective cross-examination is to be prepared before the cross-examination, especially in criminal litigation, where the file is often miniscule compared to a civil litigation file. A thin file does not necessarily mean a total absence of information, or the means to find it.

Some key takeaways from the talk:

  • Know your subject-matter | What area of law does this case involve?
  • Know your charge | A charge is like an exam question; you only get marks if you answer the question.
  • Know your case inside and out | Take practical steps to glean information.
  • Know your witness and your judge | Adapt accordingly.
  • Denial is not a defence | What is your client’s story?
  • Know when to lead | And when to stop.

The talk ended at 5.00PM, after which Ms. Desiree Teh presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Theivaendran on behalf of the Malacca Bar.

After the talk, some participants stayed back to mingle over refreshments and to speak further with Mr. Theivaendran.


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