Malacca Bar Committee organised the 8th Advance Legal Workshop and Sharing Moments on 15th January 2022. The workshop was conducted physically at the Malacca Bar Auditorium from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm with 46 registered participants. The said Workshop was organized with full and strict compliance of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

The Workshop was tailored for Young Lawyers (below 3 years in practice) and Pupils in Chambers, where no fee was charged . The following Speakers were invited to share with the participants some important insights into the following topics: –

a. Mr. Chia Cheng Wee – Overview on “Civil Litigation Practice”;

b. Mr. Pierre Lim Vey Yeow – “Conveyancing Practice”;

c. Mr. Bala Gopal Kerisnan – “Court’s Etiquette & Decorum”;

d. Mr. Mohd Faiezad Bin Razali – “Criminal Litigation Practice in Malaysia”;

e. Mr. Desmond Ho Chee Cheong – “Moments with the Bar”.

At the end of each session, the Speakers took in questions from the floor and selflessly shared with the participants practical tips that may take years to gather. For that, the Malacca Bar Committee wish to thank the Speakers for taking time off from their busy schedule in making this Workshop a success.


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