On 12 June 2020, the Malacca Bar Committee, represented by the Chairman, Jaspal Singh Gill, and the Conveyancing Practice Subcommittee Chairman, Datuk Shashi Kannan, had a meeting with the Pejabat Tanah dan Galian (PTG) Melaka to discuss a number of issues and problems faced by lawyers that cropped up in respect of land dealings during Movement Control Order (“MCO”) and Conditional MCO (“CMCO”).


The Malacca Bar Committee was represented by Nitin Kumar Gordhan and Chen Vi Vian of the main Committee, and Datuk B.K. Goh, Datin Zalina Zainuddin, Datin Siah Li Mei, and Ezam Shah of the Conveyancing Practice Subcommittee. The officers from the PTG were Tuan Mohamad Samsi Bin Kamarudin (Timbalan Pengarah Pendaftaran) who represented the Pengarah, Nabilah bt Nizam, Nik Farah Binti Nik Nubli, Rosbiana bt Abdul Razak and Rafzah bt Jasin.


A number of issues were discussed during the meeting, namely:-

  1. The time taken to fix appointments for presentation of documents at the PTG was too long.
  2. The limit of 5 transactions for each firm resulted in a backlog of presentations.
  3. The issue of late penalty charges imposed on transactions which fell due during the MCO and CMCO, and whether a waiver would be granted.
  4. Foreign quota requirements and issues relating the Estate Land Board.


The meeting was very cordial and a number of matters were resolved. The Malacca Bar Committee will be issuing a circular to update members on this meeting.


The Malacca Bar Committee takes this opportunity to record our appreciation to PTG Melaka for being responsive and acceding to our request for this meeting, and coming to a common platform to resolve all issues that were discussed.


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