Malacca Bar vs Malacca Club Annual Games – 2008

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  • November 9, 2008
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The yearly affair between both sides always sees keen competition. The scores developed as follows :-


Malacca Club 9 – 13 Malacca Bar

Table Tennis

Malacca Club 3 – 2 Malacca Bar


Malacca Club 9 – 0 Malacca Bar


Walkover  – Malacca Bar wins


Tied at 2-2, the Boat Race decided who shall be keeping the trophy. The first round of 5 drinkers resulted in a tie. Both the last drinkers for each team finished at the same time. Even a videocam analysis would no be able to decide conclusively at  that very moment. So, one more drinker from each side was called for the showdown. Surendran stepped to the fore, *all eyes on him now*,  and guzzled down his beer and won the Boat Race and most importantly, the trophy for Malacca Bar!


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