Courtesy Call To Malacca High Court Judge

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  • March 20, 2008
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On 12.3.2008 , having been newly elected, the members of the Malacca Bar Committee made a courtesy call to introduce themselves to the Malacca High Court Judge, Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Bin Baki and the other Judicial Officers.

Datuk Wira Mohtarudin welcomed the committee members and expressed his hope that the Bench and Bar would continue working together to dispense justice. Datuk Wira Mohtarudin also noted that such meetings could be used as proper forum for the Bench and the Bar to sort out differences and promote a better working relationship.

The Chairman of the Melaka Bar Committee, Mr. Ng Kong Peng thanked the members of the Bench for having allocated time out of their busy schedule to meet the newly elected committee members. An introduction of the newly elected committee members and their respective portfolios ensued.

Mr. Ng also thanked the Bench for providing the State Bar with the High Court cause lists in advance, noting that it would be useful for all members of the Bar. Tuan Ahmad Kamar bin Jamaludin, the Senior Sessions Court Judge took the opportunity to inform of the possibility of getting a 4th Sessions Court Judge in Malacca to deal with intellectual property cases. This possible development was well received with eager anticipation of a more vibrant and diverse legal practice in Malacca.

The Malacca Bar Committee was assured that the application for financial allocations to prepare additional parking lots for lawyers and court visitors alike has been made and our parking woes would be remedied soon. High Court 2’s vacant position came up and we were informed that steps have been taken to inform the Chief Justice of the dire need for cases to be heard by at least 2 High Court judges in Malacca.

In order to speed up the disposal of cases in the subordinate courts, Tuan Ahmad Kamar informed us that he has directed court interpreters to be in the open court by 8.30am to summarily deal with cases that do not need the attention of the Judges or Magistrates.

Mr. Ng also raised the issue of female bailiffs’ safety and problems in carrying out execution processes. The Registrar of the Magistrate’s Court, Tuan Mujab Bin Zamzam has taken note of the issue and assured the committee members that assistance from the police would be called for if female bailiffs need assistance. Tuan Mujab also requested the Committee to send reminders to members about indicating the next  mention or hearing date of the matter on affidavits and submissions filed in court

Finally, Datuk Wira Mohtarudin gave assurance that applications for postponement of cases by members who are involved in the Malaysia-Singapore Bar Games from 1st to 3rd of May this year would be allowed.

The courtesy call was a cordial and successful one, more so for a small State Bar like Malacca that enjoys a friendly working relationship with the Bench.


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