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High Court

  1. Yang Arif of High Court 1 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.YA Datuk Vazeer Alam)
  2. Yang Arif of High Court 2 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.YA Datuk Siti Khadijah)
  3. Deputy Registrar 1 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.TP(1) Pn Ida Rahayu)
  4. Deputy Registrar 2 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.TP(2) Pn Mahyun)
  5. Senior Assistant Registrar (Updated 15-19 January 2018.TP(2) Pn Lee Kim Keat)

Sessions Court

  1. Sessions Court 1 (Updated 6-10 March 2017.MS(1) Tn Mohd Nasir (Civil))
  2. Sessions Court 2 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.MS(2) Tn Meor Sulaiman)
  3. Sessions Court 3 (Updated 8-12 January 2018.MS(3) Pn Norma (Sivil))
  4. Sessions Court 3 (Updated 2-5 January 2018.MS(3) Pn Norma (Sivil))
  5. Sessions Court 4 (Updated 1-5 May 2017.MS(4) Tn Ahmad Sazali (Jenayah))
  6. Sessions Court 4  (No Civil Cases List)
  7. Sessions Court Alor Gajah (Updated 25-29 September 2017.MS Alor Gajah Tn Ahmad Sazali (Jenayah))
  8. Sessions Court Alor Gajah (Updated 25-29 September 2017.MS Alor Gajah Tn Ahmad Sazali (Sivil))
  9. Sessions Court Alor Gajah (Updated 5-9 September 2015.MS Alor Gajah.Pn Nariman (Kes-Kes Pati))

Magistrate Court

  1. Magistrate Court 1 (Updated – 15-19 January 2018.MM(1) Pn Analia (Jenayah))
  2. Magistrate Court 2 (Updated – )
  3. Magistrate Court 3 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.MM(3) Pn Norina (Jenayah))
  4. Magistrate Court 4 (Updated 15-19 January 2018.MM(4) Tn Mohd Firdaus (Jenayah))
  5. Magistrate Court Jasin (Updated – )
  6. Magistrate Court Jasin (Updated 28-30 August 2017.MM Jasin Pn Zaridah (Jenayah))
  7. Magistrate Court Alor Gajah (Updated 15-19 January 2018.MM Alor Gajah Pn Zaridah (Sivil))
  8. Magistrate Court Alor Gajah (Updated 27-30 November 2017.MM Alor Gajah Pn Nor Azizah (Jenayah))


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